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Luhan and Lay is heading back to their hometowns in China. But according to some fan accounts, Lay just missed his flight and was now brought back to the dorm by their manager.

**Poor Lay, I hope he gets another flight schedule soon but he went to the airport front desk and enquired for changes for a new flight. He should be able to go for the later flight.

credit: SMent.EXO

Lay's at the airport too but something went wrong... either his flight was delayed or he went back to the dorms...

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credit: FlameYeol朴灿烈资源铺
14 September 2013 @ 12:31 pm
His friend Ray posted the video ! hahahaha He apparently has a good punch and broke his bracelet and might have hurt himself in the process too

He also posted those pics ! Karaoke~

I hope he had a good rest in Canada back home with his family and friends :D and didn't get bothered too much by fans OTL

I dare you to watch the whole thing LOL. Kris ~dancing~ at MTV World Stage backstage in Malaysia haha. the original vid is 8 min long but on tudou, here if you really want it :p

Luhan on Topstarnews homepage~
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I'm sorry I haven't updated the com' in a while, I guess I'm taking a step back these days and I will get even busier in the future but I'll definitely drop by when I have time :) LURKERS PLEASE COME OUT ? it's a bit sad to see the community being so quiet lately :3 Don't hesitate to comment/post :)
14 September 2013 @ 01:48 am

CREDIT: 뷸라 네


Last post for today... good night ♥